Introducing the Band

By Gregory Kallenberg |

I’m often asked about the team that produces the Rational Middle. Before I answer, being a fan of Socratic method, I often ask, “How many people do you think we have working on the series?” The answers usually start at 10 and, for some, range up to 25 folks working feverishly on the series, social media and keeping things in line. I’m happy to report that Team Rational Middle consists of four people (including myself) and a couple of amazing dudes who… (more)

Realities of Drilling: Extended and Recut

By Chris Lyon |

Last season we released ten films about energy to spark discussion about the challenges facing our nation and the world. Two of the films, called “Realities of Drilling” Parts 1 and 2, were about exploring and producing natural gas in shale deposits – to discuss the risks surrounding drilling in these unconventional plays. Given the political and emotional climate surrounding shale gas development and fracking, it was no surprise to us that they were our most popular films. Towards the… (more)

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