The Los Angeles Times recently separated five common misconceptions about immigration and the southern border from their realities. Several graphics, including this map illustrating the 650 miles of border currently covered by some type of barrier, support the article’s findings.

Most of the evidence cited by the L.A. Times comes from U.S. government data. You can read the complete article here. The five misconceptions and facts:

Misconception: President Trump says he is going to shut down the border.
Fact: It would be nearly impossible to shut down the entire border.

Misconception: Building more wall will prevent drug trafficking.
Fact: Most drugs from Mexico come through official ports of entry.

Misconception: More immigrants are illegally crossing the border.
Fact: The number of illegal crossings is down — and has been down.

Misconception: Most illegal immigration is coming from the Mexico border.
Fact: More illegal immigration occurs through people overstaying their visas.

Misconception: President Trump has been securing our border by building more walls.
Fact: Not one new linear mile of border wall has been completed under Trump.

Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

5 Misconceptions About the U.S.-Mexico Border