President Donald Trump’s attempt to use regulations, executive orders and presidential proclamations to bypass Congress and enact his immigration policies has led to multiple lawsuits arguing that the administration has violated the law and the president’s authority in restricting immigration. In his latest column for Forbes, contributor Stuart Anderson looks at where the key immigration cases against Trump stand.

The issues facing the courts include Trump’s use of executive measures to limit immigration, such as his proclamation requiring new immigrants to have health insurance or his effort to use the so-called public charge rule to significantly reduce immigration, and the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Also pending before the courts are cases related to the administration’s asylum and detention policies, its denial of H-1B petitions, its funding of border fencing, and state and local immigration enforcement.

Decisions on many of Trump’s immigration policies are expected within a year. How the courts rule on these policies will affect millions of people and decide “Trump’s authority over immigration and the power of future presidents to restrict entry into the United States,” Anderson writes.

You can read Anderson’s column here.

All The President’s Immigration Lawsuits