And Rational Middle’s EcoMarathon “My Energy Future is…” winner is…

By Gregory Kallenberg |

Ladies and gentlemen, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

The winner of the 1st Annual Rational Middle “My energy future is…” video challenge (and the winner of a brand new iPad Mini) is Katelyn Rose! Katelyn is from the EcoMarathon team Shop Girls from Granite Falls, Washington.

Katelyn Rose, our winner for our video challenge! She's from Granite Falls, Washington

Katelyn Rose, our winner for our video challenge! She’s from Granite Falls, Washington.

Katelyn was one of many people who made a video that began “My energy future is…” Her video was great and her message is about doing the small and large things to help ensure a clean energy future.

Beyond Katelyn, we’re very proud of all the folks out there who made videos and spread them amongst their friends and family. In just two days, the group of videos were seen thousands of times and helped spread the message of a clean energy future.

At Rational Middle, it’s important to us that young people get informed about energy and start to create the energy future. The good news is that people like Katelyn (and everyone else who participated) seem incredibly smart and engaged in this endeavor, and we look forward to these young men and women taking the helm and steering us towards a glorious future.