By Ana Campoy, Quartz

After two rounds of Democratic primary debates, you’d think the most urgent immigration question facing the country is whether or not the US should consider crossing the border illegally a crime.

That question goes to the heart of most candidates’ strategies for defending immigrants from US president Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. It doesn’t, however, address the country’s most pressing immigration problem: the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Trump’s efforts to prevent immigrants from requesting asylum, a right they have under US and international law, has resulted in overcrowded facilitiesthe spread of infectious diseaseslong-lasting trauma for immigrant kids, and several deaths.

Most of the Democratic candidates have focused on stopping those abuses. But only a few go into what it would take to reduce the processing bottlenecks that have led to the dismal conditions at detention centers in the first place, or the irregular border traffic that puts Trump and his supporters on edge. 

We looked at the candidates’ platforms to review how they propose solving the problem. They get closer than the debates at addressing the issue, but still fall short, according to immigration experts.

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Democratic Candidates Are Failing to Confront the Key Issue on Immigration