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We understand that video isn’t always the best way for everyone to learn. That’s why we’re offering the still graphics, DRM-free digital downloads, learning materials, and free, open-source documentation for the films and information.
Making sure everyone has access to the facts is a must to set us on a path to shaping the energy future.

Episode Title Transcript
Episode 3.1 The Methane Question: Fugitive Emissions
Episode 2.11 Energy’s Crossroad: Pinedale, Wyoming
Episode 2.10 Energy’s Crossroad: Dawson Creek, BC
Special Event Season 2 Canadian Premiere Live on Google Hangout
Episode 2.9 Canada’s Way Forward: Finding a Path to the Energy Future Rich Text Format
Episode 2.8 Canada Energy 101 Rich Text Format
Episode 2.7 Two Days in the Life of Operations Team Lead Melissa Morris Rich Text Format
Episode 2.6 Two Days in the Life of Environmentalist Ed Whittingham
Episode 2.5 A Day in the Life of Sustainable Beer: New Belgium Brewery Rich Text Format
Episode 2.4 Shale Gas 201: Further Exploration of a Domestic Resource Rich Text Format
Episode 2.3 The Future of Renewables: Moving Towards a Cleaner Energy Mix Rich Text Format
Episode 2.2 Squeezing the Watt: Conservation and Efficiency Rich Text Format
Episode 2.1 Getting to Go: Tackling the Future of Transportation Rich Text Format
Episode 1.6-7 Realities of Drilling: Extended and Recut
Preview Season 2 Teaser
Episode 1.10 The Great Transition (Updated Cut)
Episode 1.9 A Day in the Life of Energy with the Corder Family
Episode 1.8 Truthing Our Energy and its Future II
Episode 1.5 Shale Gas 101
Episode 1.4 Truthing Our Energy and its Future
Episode 1.3 What’s at Stake (Updated Cut)
Episode 1.2 Energy 101 Rich Text Format
Episode 1.1 What is the Rational Middle? Rich Text Format
Preview Series Trailer
Preview Series Teaser