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Energy. It’s all around us. It lights our homes, cooks our food, gets us to work, and helps to create almost every amenity we enjoy. But, as much as energy surrounds us, we rarely think about where it comes from, how much we use, or where our energy future is heading. This inherent disconnect presents a number of important challenges: How can we better understand our energy and its importance? How can we lessen the impacts of energy use and production?

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It’s a conversation

Moving images have the ability to capture the imagination and give a platform for new ideas. The Rational Middle Energy Series uses the medium of documentary film to open a discussion about the importance of energy issues regionally, nationally, and globally. By utilizing the power of film combined with compelling experts and fact- checked resources, we create a powerful tool to incite action for the betterment of our communities, our economy, as well as the environment.
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It’s a movement

With the need to provide access to energy, food, and clean water for a growing global population, economic efficiency, security, and the threat of the effects of climate change inaction, the energy future is a topic that needs to be addressed. Our ability to face these challenges with civil, solutions-based discussions is crucial to finding solutions that will benefit all mankind. The Rational Middle aims to jump start the discussion with a goal of creating change through individual, municipal, corporate, and government action. Together, we can create the energy future.
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shellHow Shell is Supporting the Conversation.

Planning wisely to meet the world’s increasing energy needs is one of the most important challenges of our generation. We will need to develop all of ourenergy resources to meet the increased demand. While renewables will make up a larger portion of the mix in decades to come, natural gas will also play an important role in a sustainable energy future.

Shell knows it’s going to take a whole new level of collaboration and leadership to develop workable policies and solutions to meet the energy challenge. We welcome, invite and even create opportunities to work in partnership with anyone who can help us do what we do better. We hope the Rational Middle Energy Series can drive conversation and build stronger relationships that will move us toward a cleaner energy future.

We are excited about the potential of the Rational Middle to lead a thoughtful discussion on these issues and enable access to information and content that is helpful for a broad audience looking for answers to the energy challenge. When Gregory approached us about the concept, we agreed that for the project to be successful, the films need to be balanced and he needed to maintain creative control of the filming and production process. Our role includes sponsoring the films and promotion of the series, providing early input into the themes for the episodes, and verifying certain factual information.

The Rational Middle Energy Series is sponsored by Shell Oil Company (Shell). The views expressed are those of the speakers and may not necessarily reflect the views of Shell or any of its affiliates. Shell and its affiliates also provide grants and other funds to some of the educational and other institutions with which some of the speakers are associated. Additionally, one of the speakers has in the past been employed by Shell.

A Note From the Filmmakers

From the time we first started touring our first documentary Haynesville: A Nation’s Hunt for an Energy Future, made in our hometown, we saw a need to help people understand more about energy. In our opinion, it was the only way to get everyone focused on this important issue and to get people actively working on a cleaner energy future. In other words, it was the best way to start building energy’s Rational Middle. We had been trying to fund the idea of this series for about a year and a half before meeting Shell and pitching them Rational Middle Energy Series. Not only did they believe this was an important conversation to have, they were also brave enough to give us artistic and intellectual control of the series from start to finish. We appreciate their participation in this.