This interview originally appeared on the Houston Chronicle.

Houston had a shortage of construction workers long before Hurricane Harvey inundated the city, damaging some 300,000 homes and apartments.

After the storm, the need turned dire.

Perhaps unlike any other time in history, immigrant labor is playing a critical role in getting Houston back on track, a theme highlighted in a new documentary called “Immigration’s crossroad, rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey.”

The 10-minute film is part of a series of short documentaries in which the filmmakers attempt to bridge the two sides of the immigration debate by framing the issues in a historical context and through personal stories.

The filmmakers say their project, the Rational Middle of Immigration, offers a new way to look at a heated and complex issue.

Director Gregory Kallenberg and producer (and former Chronicle columnist) Loren Steffy discuss the challenges — and opportunities — facing Houston as it rebuilds.

Houston Chronicle: Immigrants’ impact on rebuilding Houston