By Molly O’Toole, Los Angeles Times

The White House says it plans to crack down on the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who overstay their U.S. visas, a vast challenge that has largely escaped notice as the Trump administration has focused chiefly on blocking migrants on the southern border.

Experts say so-called overstays by students, au pairs, tourists and others have far outpaced unauthorized border crossings in recent years and form a major portion of the estimated 10.7 million people in the country without permission.

President Trump signed a memorandum late Monday threatening to ultimately suspend travel from countries with high rates of overstays, and possibly require foreign travelers to post “admission bonds” that would be repaid once they leave the country.

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The top 10 countries with the most people overstaying their visas in the United States, fiscal year 2017:

  • 1. Canada: 90,707 total overstays
  • 2. Mexico: 44,250
  • 3. Brazil: 31,912
  • 4. Venezuela: 29,419
  • 5. Britain: 23,231
  • 6. Colombia: 21,,070
  • 7. Nigeria: 19,046
  • 8. China: 16,225
  • 9. France: 14,406
  • 10. India: 12,498

Photo: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

In a Shift, Trump Targets Foreign Travelers Who Overstay Their Visas