Tropical Storm Imelda left parts of Houston and Southeast Texas underwater last week, drawing a few comparisons to Hurricane Harvey in 2017. While Imelda was no Harvey, it still dropped more than 40 inches of rain in some areas and displaced hundreds of people from their homes, according to news reports. Authorities have attributed at least five deaths to Imelda.

In this inaugural episode of the Rational Middle of Immigration podcast, founder and director Gregory Kallenberg, producer Chris Lyon and executive producer Loren Steffy discuss how Houston has struggled through a shortage of construction workers to rebuild itself after Hurricane Harvey. They also discuss Rational Middle’s mission: To foster a fact-based conversation about immigration that leads toward a solution for a broken system. Harvey is a story where the economics and humanity of immigration come together. Listen below:

We looked at Houston’s experience in Episode 3 of our just-concluded first season of 10 short documentary films exploring the issue of immigration. Watch that episode here.

And stay tuned. More episodes of the Rational Middle of Immigration podcast are on their way!

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