More than 150,000 doctors, health care organizations and others have flooded the Federal Register with comments condemning a Trump administration plan that would make it harder for immigrants to maintain their legal residency status if they seek federal assistance for food, health care or housing.


The rule in question is known as a “public charge” test, and immigration authorities have long used it to determine whether immigration applicants might end up depending on government benefits as a primary source of financial support. These individuals can be refused permission to enter the U.S. and refused a green card.

The immigration policy has long held that only government-funded long-term institutional care and cash assistance programs such as Supplemental Security Income and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families may be weighed as part of the public charge test. The Trump Administration’s proposed rule would make radical changes.

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Modesto Bee: 150,000 doctors, others decry proposed crackdown on legal residency status