In our latest podcast episode, Rational Middle’s Loren Steffy interviews Stan Marek, CEO of Marek Companies, a construction business that is part of several industries in the United States dependent on immigrant labor. Marek discusses how he thinks we could do better as a country to make it easier to fill job vacancies and grow the American economy.

Marek supports a concept called “ID and tax” that he argues would bring millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadow economy and allow employers who play by the rules to hire workers who have been part of a community for years.

The proposal would allow an employer to work with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to attain a work permit for an employee not authorized to work in the United States. Employees who have been in the country for at least five years and who can pass a criminal background check would be issued a tamper-proof ID with fingerprints and a five-year work permit. The employer would pay for the background check and ID.

Workers eligible for the ID would not be able to vote or collect public assistance. But they would be able to get a driver’s license and hold a job legally without fear of deportation.

Marek has written about ID and tax previously. Read more about the concept here.

And stay tuned for more from the Rational Middle of Immigration podcast.

Podcast: Immigration and the American Workforce With Stan Marek