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Episode 37: The Struggle for Legal Status in America with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto

Episode 36: Iliana Perez on the Future of Dreamers After the Supreme Court Decision

Episode 35: Tom Jawetz on Bringing Change to Congress and in Communities

Episode 34: DACA Decision with Charles Foster, Immigration Attorney

Episode 33: Steven Scarborough on Immigrants Fighting Coronavirus

Episode 32: Tony Payan & Pamela Lizette Cruz on Identifying and Taxing the Undocumented

Episode 31: Pat Kiley on the History of Immigrants and the Construction Industry

Episode 30: Theresa Cardinal Brown on the Partisan Divide in Washington

Episode 29: Jorge Lima and the Conservative Case for Sensible Immigration Reform

Episode 28: Daniel Okrent and the History of Bigotry, Eugenics, and Immigration

Episode 27: Ali Noorani and the Broken Asylum System/Origins of the Caravans

Episode 26:Wendy Cervantes and the Children of Immigrant Families

Episode 25: Immigrant Healthcare Workers on the Front Lines of COVID-19 with Andrew Lim

Episode 24: Bryan Caplan and the Case for Open Borders

Episode 23: Jim Baron on COVID-19’s Impact on Restaurants and Immigration

Episode 22: Chelsie Kramer and the New American Economy

Episode 21: Stephen Klineberg and the Looming Demographic Change in America

Episode 20: Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo on Public Safety and Immigration

Episode 19: E-Verify’s Verifiable Failure of the American Workforce

Episode 18: Loren Steffy’s Insights on Immigration as a Biographer and Journalist

Episode 17: Oscar Hernandez of United We Dream on Social Injustice and Immigration

Episode 16: Former State Rep. Byron Cook on the Challenges Texas Faces with a Broken Immigration System

Episode 15: David Aguilar, former Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Episode 14: Wendell Riley: The Risk and Reward of Immigrating to America (Part 2)

Episode 13: Wendell Riley: The Risk and Reward of Immigrating to America (Part 1)

Episode 12: Jill Campbell on the Process of Becoming a Lawful Immigrant of the United States

Episode 11: 2019 Retrospective: Rational Middle of Immigration Season Finale

Episode 10: Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the Economics of Undocumented Immigrants

Episode 9: Quantifying Immigration’s Impact with Steven Scarborough

Episode 8: Tony Payan on the Rights That Immigrants Do and Do Not Have in America

Episode 7: Origin Story: What is Rational Middle of Immigration?

Episode 6: Theresa Cardinal Brown on Solutions for the Undocumented

Episode 5: Congressman Dan Crenshaw on Border Security, Work Visas, and Political Football

Episode 4: Yael Ross on Children, Immigration, Education, and Economy

Episode 3: Immigration and the American Workforce with Stan Marek

Episode 2: Origins and Myths of Immigration with David Bier

Episode 1: Immigration’s Crossroad: Looking Back at Hurricane Harvey