The award-winning documentary company, Rational Middle Media, released the season finale of its Rational Middle of Immigration series on July 31. The two-part final episode completes the series’ 10-part premiere season with an unblinking look at undocumented immigrants in America. The two episodes feature interviews with experts discussing immigration reform and explores how to bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and into the nation’s workforce.

Director Gregory Kallenberg (left) interviews Ali Noorani of the National Immigration Forum for the Rational Middle Immigration season finale.

The first season of the Rational Middle of Immigration, which is free to view and share at, is a collection of short films exploring the complicated issue of immigration. The series explores issues ranging from border security to immigration’s impact on American jobs to the complex issue of what to do about the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants who are already in the United States.

“Immigration is currently the most important crisis facing our nation,” director Gregory Kallenberg said. “Through these films and the discussions that are energized by the films, our aim is to move the needle on this imperative issue, and help explain the immigration issue from a balanced perspective. The ultimate goal of the Rational Middle of Immigration is to create a foundation for a solution.”

Kallenberg, producer Chris Lyon and executive producer Loren Steffy developed the Rational Middle of Immigration to cut through the rhetoric and vitriol surrounding the immigration debate. To date, the series has been seen, downloaded and shared more than 1.4 million times.

Director Gregory Kallenberg (left) interviews Stef W. Kight of Axios for the Rational Middle Immigration season finale.

“Providing this holistic view is what sets the Rational Middle of Immigration apart from other discussions currently taking place and could help us find some common ground in the immigration debate,” Steffy said. “The goal of the series is to inform the public, shape sensible policy solutions and create a deeper understanding of this important challenge.”

Kallenberg, Lyon and Steffy hope that through the films, social media messaging and public events, the Rational Middle of Immigration can open a path for the public at large to have a civil, solution-based conversation about immigration.

Watch Season One now:

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