Rational Middle: Immigration

During these tumultuous times, immigration has become one of the most important challenges facing our nation. Histrionics have ruled the day and started a firestorm of debate on the issue. This has led to misinformation on both sides and created steadfast dissent and stasis in the hyper-important immigration issue.

Because there is no information standard bearer, the two sides of the immigration debate will continue to drift farther apart. The Rational Middle will work to change that by creating films that present the facts and frame them with historical context and personal stories. Through the films, social media messaging, and public events, we can an open path for the public at large to have a civil, solutions-based conversation.

For immigration, we are focusing on the challenges facing the country through the eyes of immigrants, municipalities, business owners, and citizens on the ground who find themselves confronted with this issue.

Providing this holistic view is what will set the Rational Middle of Immigration apart from other discussions currently taking place and that could help us find some common ground in the immigration debate. Our goal with this series is to inform the general public, shape sensible policy solutions, and create a deeper understanding of this important challenge.

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