As we say, energy is complicated. It’s ever-changing and often shifts dramatically directly beneath your feet. In light of recent events and the constant evolution of the discussion around energy and its impact on our environment and our civilization, the Rational Middle has seen fit to update two episodes at the center of this discussion.

What’s at Stake and The Great Transition are two of our most popular episodes that focus on the larger picture surrounding energy issues. Since their original release in 2012, they have garnered hundreds of thousands of views across multiple platforms and continue to provide base knowledge which lays the foundation for a fact-based discussion.

We dove back into these pieces and broke them down into sections which we felt best represented areas that needed attention: New numbers, updated graphics, important perspectives on world events, and more. We conducted two brand new interviews with Dr. Kenneth Medlock, the Energy and Resource Economics at the Baker Institute, as well as Dr. Michelle Michot Foss with the Center for Energy Economics at University of Texas.

As a result of the update, these episodes feel brand new once more, and the message is refreshed for new viewers who may just be joining the Rational Middle discussion. However, despite the need to update the episodes, much of the content remains unchanged. Unfortunately, not enough has been done to move the needle on energy and climate change, and that fact is painfully clear when we watch these episodes compared to their original cuts. We must all understand the challenges that lay before us and do what we must in order to secure not only the future habitability of our planet, but to grow as a civilization to a place where we can more responsibly manage our impacts on our home and each other.

Watch the updated episodes here:

Updating the Rational Middle Energy Series